Inspired Matter – Ingrid Marschang

The Acting Art is the spiritual child of Ingrid Marschang. In it her socially engaged life culminates with her extraordinary artistic abilities, which move many people. After international exhibitions in the USA and Switzerland, she took a creative break from the visual arts and devoted herself to major social issues in a literary way. But recent years have shown that words alone are no longer enough. Strong images are needed again that reach people directly, even touch them. Ingrid Marschang feels committed to this mission. IM stands for her initials on the one hand, and for Inspired Matter on the other, because her pictures are things that have had life breathed into them, that stand for hope in difficult times. They are a ray of hope, comforting and warming the indifferent hearts. The viewer is now no longer alone, because the image accompanies Him.

“At some point you reach the point where you want to do more than sell a painting. You want to ignite a storm of renewal with a brushstroke,” the artist says. “I don’t want to be King Midas, I want to breathe life into the art object, which goes beyond privacy to effect social change.” The acting art objects are the opportunity for change, a possibility of agency.