The world is full of art and art action, every object, every gesture, every order and even its negation can be declared a work of art and virtually already is. But all efforts to extend the space of art to everyday life have failed. Instead of raising the consciousness of humanity, they have cast a spell over things as mere signs. Contemporary art shares the fate of King Midas; it can turn anything into gold. The acting work of art, however, is inspired, it does not double reality for the exhibition space, it is new life.

  1. The acting art empowers the work of art to have an effect on reality.
  2. The acting work of art emancipates itself from the author, who becomes the biographer.
  3. The acting work of art is not an object but a subject.
  4. The acting work of art carries its desire into the world and is the birth assistant of reality.
  5. The acting work of art becomes loud as a voice in the observer.
  6. The acting work of art never gives up.
  7. The acting art creates artworks that act.